Greetings Masonic Home AMBASSADORS!

In an effort to give you additional support from the Development Office at the Masonic Home, we have created a newsletter that will give you and your LODGE Ambassadors something to talk about in Lodge Meetings. Welcome to the “Mahova on my Mind” Newsletter

The goal is to create a more frequent source for information than just the annual conference. Please forward this to your Ambassadors, and encourage them to email Joelle with their email address so we can add their names directly to the mailing list. OR you can save your own time in the future, and just send us your list of Lodge Ambassadors and we will add them. We want to get the message out!  Your help is vital to the success of this program.

These Mahova on my Mind Newsletters just hit the high points of what is going on now and in the future at the Masonic Home!

Please send your comments, suggestions, and possible topics for these UPDATES to the Development Office or Chairman. 

MaHoVa on my Mind Newsletters