Masonic Home of Virginia Ambassadors

Donor Recognition (individual recognition)

The Masonic Home recognizes in writing every gift received over $5.00. For gifts of certain amounts, additional recognition is made. Naming opportunities can be found here. It is extremely important to all involved with the fundraising efforts of the Masonic Home, from the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia to the staff of the Development Office, that all donors receive appropriate recognition for their significant acts of generosity. Every gift is important, but the level and method of recognition for gifts obviously varies with the amount of the gift. Outlined below are the guidelines for Donor Recognition. The gift values quoted are based on the value at the date of receipt of the gift/bequest, or net present value for any life income or deferred gift. Additionally, every donor receives a letter of appreciation, in accordance with IRS guidelines, acknowledging the amount of the gift.

Donor Recognition

Donor Recognition (Lodge)

In addition to individual recognition, the Masonic Home of Virginia recognizes Lodges for meeting participation benchmarks each year. Below are the two awards presented annually to outstanding Lodges in Virginia.

The Morlock Award

The Morlock award is presented to Lodges that have shown exemplary participation in giving to the Home. The award is presented to a Lodge in which at least 15% of the members each make gifts of $5 or more in any one year. This award recognizes the number of active donors, not necessarily the total dollars given. The Masonic Home is convinced that as more Masons learn to give to support the Home, the dollar totals will follow.

This award is named in memory of Most Worshipful Werner Herman Morlock, Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, 1993-94.

This is the most significant award which can be presented to a Lodge for their gifts to the Masonic Home of Virginia.

The Stokes Award

The Stokes Award is presented to those Lodges whose total annual gifts to the Masonic Home (from the Lodge, its members and widows) equals or exceeds $25.00 times the number of members on the Lodge roster. For example, if a Lodge has 100 members, then to receive the Stokes award, the annual total of all gifts from the Lodge, its members and its widows must equal or exceed $2,500 (100 times $25).

Clearly, any Lodge earning the Stokes Award has proven itself to be a leader in our fraternity’s charitable efforts, much like the Past Grand Master for whom the award is made, Most Worshipful John Powers Stokes.


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