Masonic Home of Virginia Ambassadors

The Masonic Home was started by a gift, and today we continue to exist and thrive because Masons and other donors give. You can continue this legacy of charity and care with your donation today.

Ways to give:

  • Planned Giving
  • Donor Recognition
  • Lodge Recognition
  • Monuments
  • United Way

You can make your tax deductible donation online by clicking the link below.

Donations To Residents

Anyone can provide funds to any resident at any time by sending a check payable to the resident. Conversely, in order to qualify as a tax deductible gift the payment needs to be payable to the Home and cannot be earmarked for a specific resident.

However, please know that as part of the Cornerstone program, any personal gifts or income to a Cornerstone resident would be subject to the resident paying to the Home the applicable 75-90 percentage of that personal gift under their life care Cornerstone contract. The Home provides for each Cornerstone resident’s entire care needs during their remaining life. Because not all Cornerstone residents have access to the same amount of income (or personal gifts), in order to treat everyone fairly, all income and personal gifts are subject to the Cornerstone contract’s sharing percentages. Currently, we estimate that the average Cornerstone resident admitted to the Home will be subsidized, over their remaining life, by $272,000 from the Home’s general funds, whose source is current and past gifts, so generous donors such as yourself are critical to our ability to care for our residents.

Technically, our contract requires a sharing of anything of value received by the resident. In practice, we do not apply the percentage to gifts of clothing and items of a personal nature that are not of material value. For instance, the gift of a diamond ring, while personal, obviously represents significant value and when weighed against the fact that many of our donors give money and cannot afford their own diamond rings, then we would apply a percentage. Otherwise, each item is viewed on an individual basis.

As our CEO, Jim Cole says, the name on the door is Masonic and we do not want a resident’s fellow residents to perceive that one is treated more or less fairly than the other, nor would we want our donors to contribute hard-earned funds to residents who might, through personal gifts, possess far better jewelry, computers, televisions, etc. than the donors.